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Chelsea Road Consulting

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What We Do

We specialize in attention grabbing public affairs and issue advocacy campaigns that are proven to move public opinion, earn media attention, and gain community support for your projects.
Grassroots Community Engagement
Generate grassroots support for your issue, or amplify resistance.
Reputation Management and Crisis Response
Confidently protect your reputation or take preemptive action.
Political Insight and Policy Analysis
Understand the motivations of groups that can impact your business.
Message Development and Media Strategy
Attention grabbing campaigns to break through political resistance.
Chelsea Road Consulting
Chelsea Road Consulting is a full service public relations firm, specializing in issue advocacy campaigns.
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Strategic Development
Whether you're just starting your project or need a mid-course correction, we can help!
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Policy Changes
Our advocacy team are experts in generating grassroots support for changes in policy, or amplify public resistance to changes that hurt your bottom line.
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Corporate Campaigns
We put together attention grabbing campaigns that break through bureaucratic and political resistance.
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Move public opinion, earn media attention, and gain community support for your projects.
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Our Experience

We serve a broad mix of private-, public-, and political organizations, and take a consistent approach to recruiting and developing new talent and tactics, and building strategic alliances regardless of where they are based. This structure ensures that we can quickly deliver the right team, with the right experience and expertise, to every client, anywhere in the world.  With experience serving in consulting roles for public affairs initiatives nationwide, as well as federal, state and local political campaigns, we are uniquely qualified to handle all of your needs.

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